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Monday, November 9, 2009


The Brazilian government presented today the first draft for a new Copyright Bill that would legalize private copies and mashups.

The bill is a result of forums and public debates promoted by the Ministry of Culture, and gathered suggestions by artists, academics, and cultural industry professionals.

The changes represent "a need, since the current law is lacking in terms of copyright enforcement in Brazil", and "try to balance copyright with the people's access to culture," said the Brazilian Minister of Culture, Juca Ferreira.

The bill protects the right to make "back-up copies or copies to use in other physical support" (like copying an Cd to a MP3 file), the "non-commercial reproduction and distributions of any work that is out-of-print" and the use of samples to create "new works," in other words, mashups.

Plus, museums, libraries and archives will be able to legally "digitally reproduce works of their collections and make them available online." Really? Any work? Sounds a bit crazy to me.

So, repeating: this is just a draft. There's no deadline to finish the final bill. Before being presented to the Congress, the bill will be submitted to public scrutiny.

So far, so good.
New copyright bill draft allows private copies, mashups and more - In Portuguese
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